Low Reps Vs High Reps - Which Is Best?

Do You Prefer Heavy Weight Low Reps...

Or Lighter Weight For More Reps?

I guess it depends what you are training for but I have recently changed my approached. 


I always loved training heavy but found all the rest I took trying to get a heavy 1 rep max to be wasting most of my session. 


My main goal is to get the most out of every session as effectively as possible. 


Like you I am very busy so decided I wanted to lift heavy and get my reps in!


So I am currently working on my strength for high reps. So instead of going for a heavy 1 rep max, I am going for 1 all out set of 8-15 reps as heavy as possible. 


This way I get some strength work + lots of reps. WIN-WIN. 


My questions it, what do you do and what method have you found works best?


Comment below, do you prefer Low Reps Vs High Reps - Which Is Best?

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