Knee Sleeves or Knee Wraps

When it comes to leg day training there is just one choice to make – Knee Sleeves or Knee Wraps.


Everybody that has used them knows that Knee sleeves or wraps make an instant improvement to your lifts, but which is right for you and when should you use them?


In this guide we will explain the difference and how they can best enhance your training.


Knee Sleeves provide support and compression around your knee joint when training legs. The keep your knee’s warm and give you the confidence to go for a big lift without the risk of injury.


With the flexible neoprene material they provide a rebound effect allowing you to explode out of the hole on squats to get you past any sticking points. We personally found when testing Elevate Knee Sleeves they provided the biggest impact on our training of any gym accessory and instantly increased your 1 rep max.


Unlike other brands Elevate Knee Sleeves come in a 9mm option as well as the standard 7mm sleeves giving you even more support than usual.

With a super comfy yet supportive fit, our sleeves can be worn for an entire leg workout.


Knee Wraps work much like knee sleeves however are applied by wrapping them around the knee before each lift. Unlike knee sleeves you need to unwrap them in between lifts as they are often applied for a tight fit making it uncomfortable to wear for multiple exercises.


Elevate Equipment Knee Wraps have an extra long Velcro secure strip allowing you to apply them to your desired fit. For a 1 rep max you may want to go as tight as you can while a heavy set of 10 on leg press you may want to go slightly looser to allow for more blood flow.



Which is best for me?

Both accessories work great and will provide a noticeable difference to your leg training. The choice of which type is best for you will depend on training style and goals.


Knee wraps are often best used when going for a 1 rep max or maxing out on a certain lift as apposed to wearing them for an entire workout. Knee wraps are more commonly used by powerlifters and strongman competitors looking to really max out on a particular event


Knee sleeves are often more comfortable and can be worn for multiple sets without taking them off. While they are great for setting a new 1 rep max (especially the 9mm sleeves) they also provide comfort and stability for higher rep sets. Knee sleeves are better for bodybuilders and casual lifters who want to Elevate their training to the next level.


Which are best for injury prevention or rehabilitation?

Knee Sleeves are by far and away the best option for prevent and healing injuries. They provide extra support and alignment when lifting giving them the extra protection they need from hard workouts. If you are recovering from an injury and getting back into lifting knee sleeves are the perfect rehab accessory to get you moving again.


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