How to do 20 pull ups ????????

Here's how to get to 20 pull ups in one set ... perfect for a functional workout that also builds muscle 💪💪

This works even if you can only do a few pull ups now ... I could only 5 and it took me around 6 weeks to get to 20 continuous pull ups


All you need is:

- 3 workouts a week with

- 10 minutes for pull ups

- Pull up bar

- Lat pull down or cable machine

- Lifting straps (see below)


Workout 1 (max reps)

- In your first workout of the week, all you have to do is test your max pull ups, We do it on W1 as it should go up each week. 

One you have warmed up and rested, go for your max set. Repeat this 3 times. 


Workout 2 (added weight)

- To get more reps you also need to be able to lift more weight. So in this workout wer'e going to add extra weight with either a weighted vest or a dumbbell in between your feet. 

- Keep adding weight until you can only do 1 rep. 

- Then start decreasing your weight and getting more reps until you are back to bodyweight only. 


Workout 3 (high volume)

- This workout is all about reps, reps and more reps. 

* This one will take longer than 10 minutes

- 10 Sets with bodyweight pull ups followed up with lat pull downs until you get to 20 reps for the set. 

- So if you get 10 pull ups, you need to do 10 pull downs. 

- By the end you may be only doing 3 pull ups, so you have 17 reps on pull downs 😱

* Nobody said it was going to be easy!


Do this routine for around 6 weeks and you will be amazed at the progress you make 🙌


BONUS TIP: It's usually your grip that gives out first, add a pair of Elevate Gym Straps to take your pull up routine to the next level. 


Use code 'PULL UP' for 25% off all straps 👇

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  • Julio Riegel

    To the owner, Thanks for the well-organized and comprehensive post!

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