Don't Waste All Your Hard Work In The Gym ... Do This Instead ...

So if you are reading this, the chance are you love workout

An if you love working out, the chances are you trained had this week ... so don't do what I did and waste all that hard work!


For years I would train harder than anyone else in the gym & even followed a fairly strict diet ...


Well during the week anyway!

The problem is it all went out the window on the weekend 🤣


I done enough eating and drinking it would ruin all the hard work I out in the gym. 


When I changed this, my physique and gym results went through the roof 🙌

I still enjoy my weekend however I don't go too overboard. 


So are you going forwards or backwards this weekend?

If you take your gym results seriously, you need to make progress on the weekends...


Take some rest & get ready for another weeks hard training 💪💪


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