Crazy 10 Minute workouts


If you are in the gym or training at home

Smashing a 2 hour marathon or just want a 10 minute pump

Try this workout for an intense finisher you will be feeling for days. 


Target 2 muscle groups. Say biceps and triceps. Or chest and back. You just need 2 different muscle groups. You could even do legs and shoulders if you want to be brave 😂


Set a timer for 10 minutes and then do max reps on your first muscle group followed by max reps on the second.

So biceps curls to failure and then tricep extensions to failure. 

Bench press and then pull ups ...


Then repeat until 10 minutes is up. 

No rest. 

Max reps every set

1 great pump!


and it only takes 10 minutes 🥳


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