Back Day blast - Try this back day complex

Try this back workout complex for max gains from just 1 set!


In the gym this morning, I wanted to max out, lift heavy but also get Lotts of reps ... so here's 1 Giant set I did at the end of my workout. 


Bent over row superset with Deadlifts with a drop set 😜


Pick a weight where you can do 10 rows maximum, hit your rows and immediate after do 10 deadlifts. You will be stronger on deadlifts so you should be able to get a similar amount of reps.


20 hard reps will get you breathing hard while lifting heavy ... but were not done yet! (remember I said there's a drop-set or 2!)


Strip the weight so you can do another 10 rows and 10 deadlifts. 

Do that 1 more time sand your set is complete!

60 reps total so this is a great finisher but not for the faint or heart


PS. if you struggle for grip strength, like I do, straps are a must! check them out👇

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